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Respect for our Environment

A Balloon Aloft hot air balloon ride is a wonderful way to observe the local environment and get a bird’s eye view of local fauna and flora. Our Balloon Aloft crew members strictly adhere to the Tread Lightly code of practice which is designed to minimise environmental impact. We aim to leave a site where we launch or land our balloons in the same condition as in which we found it. Passengers are also encouraged to follow the code so we leave nothing behind but our footprints.


Balloon Aloft is committed to sustainable environmental practices. Over the years we have implemented the following practices:

-In 2013 a 5KW solar power system was installed at our Balloon Aloft office. This iniative offsets any energy needs from the office or balloon storage shed. 

-All rainfall is harvested from our office and balloon shed into a series of tanks. Balloon Aloft is 100% reliant on rainwater. 

-The Balloon Aloft office is located on a 50 acre property in Lovedale, Hunter Valley. This year we are aiming to plant 100 native trees along the property boundaries and are committed to planting many more in the years to come. 

-Energy saving light globes have been installed throughout the office and in the newly built balloon shed.

-A hot air balloon flight has minimal impact on the environment. Although fossil fuels are burnt, propane is a much cleaner fuel than butane or petrol. Our daily flights are also only an hour in duration causing a very low level of emissions.

-Crew vehicles are powered using diesel which is more economical than petrol.

Reducing, Reusing & Recycling

-The Balloon Aloft team adheres to a reuse and recycling policy.

-We operate a paperless booking system where bookings are entered straight into our database and confirmations sent to passengers by email whenever possible.

-Paper waste is reused as scrap and then recycled when no longer of use.

-Print cartridges, computer parts and old mobile phones are recycled.

-We have also produced our own environmentally friendly bags which are used instead of plastic.

-Any food scraps from office lunches are composted and used on the Balloon Aloft vegie garden.


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