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Bushfire Haze

Summer 2019/20

With the recent bush fire activity in New South Wales, many people have been concerned whether our hot air balloon flights have been proceeding – The answer is yes, many of our flights are proceeding.

Fortunately, our flight areas have remained largely untouched by bush fires however, as with many areas around the state, we do have days where drifting smoke haze can reduce visibility.


The bushfire smoke and resulting haze, as you have probably noticed over recent weeks, tends to come and go with some days clearer than others and conditions tending to be clearest at sunrise. We are experiencing some mornings that are clear or have only a light haze and our flights proceed as normal on these days, whilst days with reduced visibility result in the cancellation of our flights.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict in advance whether a morning is going to be clear or smokey. If your flight in cancelled due to smoke haze we ask for your patience and understanding with this issue. Fortunately, we have been able to proceed with the majority of our flights in recent weeks and are experiencing some beautiful sunrises.

Whilst our flights are still proceeding as normal in most cases, if you have respiratory issues or any other medical concerns, you may feel more comfortable postponing your flight until the bushfire situation has resolved. If that is the case, please give our team a call and we can arrange this for you.


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