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How can I purchase a flight or gift voucher?

Flight & Gift vouchers can be purchased online by selecting the desired location on the Prices page. From here simply select your desired voucher option by clicking the Book Now button and follow the on screen booking instructions. Flight & Gift vouchers can also be purchased by calling our Reservations Team on 1300 723 279 or + 61 2 4990 9242. Our Reservations Office is open Monday- Friday from 9am -5pm and Sataurday's from 9am - 1pm.

Is it safe booking online?

Our online booking system uses a securely encrypted server so your details are always secure and never passed on to anyone else. All payments are processed by the secured payment provider eWAY who employ the highest levels of security to ensure that your credit card details are securely processed.

How do I use my gift voucher?

To book your flight date simply call our Reservations office on 02 4990 9242 with your voucher number and preferred flight date. You will be asked a few quick questions to complete your booking and we will then email a confirmation of your booking along with a map of our meeting point and instructions for the flight check-in to you. Please keep in mind that your voucher is valid for 12 months.

What is the minimum age to go ballooning?

Children need to be aged 7 years or older and accompanied by an adult to fly. They will also need to be at least 120cm tall so they can see over the top of the basket. Please also keep in mind that the burner noise can be a bit frightening to young children.

Is there an upper age limit or health restrictions?

There is no upper age limit - as long as you are reasonably fit and healthy with no significant knee, hip or back problems, no recent surgeries, broken bones or existing conditions that may make a balloon landing uncomfortable for you, and you are not currently pregnant, then you should be fit to fly. You will be required to climb into the balloon basket using the foot holds cut in to the side of the basket, stand for one hour and, in the instance of a bumpy landing, absorb a small impact which is similar on your joints to that of jumping off a low chair. You will also need to be able to hold on to the safety handles when the balloon is landing.

At the time of booking, whether online or over the phone you will be asked to confirm that all members of your party are fit & well with:
•    No significant knee problems,
•    No significant hip problems,
•    No significant back or neck problems,
•    No recent surgeries or broken bones,
•    No other existing conditions that would preclude them from following the pilots instructions; Assuming the landing positions with knees bent when instructed to do so, Absorbing a small bump when the ballooning is landing or would prevent them from holding on to the safety handles when the balloon is landing.
•    Are able to stand for one hour unassisted,
•    Do not weigh more than 140kg individually and children do not weigh more than 50kg individually,
•    Are not currently pregnant.

If you have any concerns about your fitness to fly, please call 02 4990 9242 to discuss before proceeding with a booking.

If I am pregnant can I go ballooning?

Unfortunately not. Due to the active nature of balloon landings, ballooning is not suitable for pregnant ladies.

How many people will be in my balloon?

Balloon Aloft flies single T and double T partition baskets of all different sizes ranging from 2 – 24 passengers. These basket layouts provide plenty of personal space as they are purpose designed to accommodate large and small group sizes in perfect comfort, whilst also allowing all passengers to stand against the side of the basket , ensuring everyone gets a great view.

What if the weather is no good on the day?

If your balloon flight is cancelled by us due to unsuitable weather conditions then you are welcome to rebook anytime within the 12 months validity period of your voucher. Flexi voucher holders may also request a refund for a valid ticket (an administration fee will apply). Gift Voucher and Flight Voucher holders will be able to rebook only. Please see the terms and conditions for details.

Why are balloon flights at sunrise?

Balloon flights take place at sunrise as this is when the weather conditions are generally at their most stable, with light winds and cool, calm atmospheric conditions. These are the ideal conditions to ensure our flights are conducted in safe and enjoyable weather.

What time of year is best to fly?

We schedule flights all years round from most locations, however the summer months generally provide the very best weather for ballooning with the majority of our flight proceeding in these months. August and September are traditionally quite windy and we often see a higher proportion of cancellations in these months.

Can we fly over my house? Where will we land?

Balloons float with the breeze and will move in the same direction as the air flow. As this airflow usually changes direction with altitude, your pilot can change the height of the balloon in order to steer. Whilst we can make every effort to fly over your house or determine where we will land in advance, it is all dependent on the wind on the morning of the flight.

What should I wear?

Clothing suitable for walking or hiking is recommended with enclosed, water proof shoes. We suggest you also bring a hat and sunglasses as well as your camera.

Will I be insured?

Yes, the cost of your balloon flight includes insurance and we will not ask you to pay an insurance levy on the day of your flight. We carry up to $9,000,000 of public liability insurance.

How safe is ballooning?

Balloon Aloft is Australia’s most experienced hot air balloon company with over 30 years experience. We are proud of an excellent safety record and will not fly if the conditions are not suitable. We are governed by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) the same as Qantas or Virgin Blue and fly strictly to the guidelines set down by them.

How long does the balloon flight take?

The balloon ride itself is usually 50 – 60 minutes in duration. The total time you are with us on the morning of your flight is approximately 4 hours. This includes a flight briefing from your pilot, completing some paperwork, travelling to and from the launch and landing sites and the champagne celebration and/or breakfast afterwards.

Why do you need to know my weight?

A weight calculation needs to be performed for your flight as all balloons have a maximum lift capacity. By providing your accurate weight you are ensuring that your balloon is weight loaded correctly.

How high will the balloon go?

Balloons are incredibly versatile so on the morning of your flight you might find yourself flying anywhere between tree top height and 2 or 3 thousand feet.

Is it cold up in the air?

Generally it is no colder flying in the balloon than it is on the ground. The small decrease in temperature at the altitudes we fly at are offset by the heat produced by the burners overhead. We recommend that you dress to be comfortable for the early morning ground temperature. Keep in mind that the temperature will increase after sunrise so dressing in layers is recommended.


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