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Mudgee was made for ballooning! With its rolling hills, surrounding mountains and beautiful valley, conditions are perfectly suited for hot air ballooning. The spectacular Mudgee region is located 3.5 hours north-west of Sydney and 4 hours west of Newcastle and is an ideal weekend getaway location, boasting an abundance of vineyards and cellars doors, accommodation and attractions.

Our Mudgee hot air ballooning adventures begin at sunrise and are generally scheduled from Friday through to  Monday each week. Meeting centrally in Mudgee, our balloon flights are approximately one hour in flight duration and are followed by a delicious Champagne Breakfast following the flight.

Hot air ballooning is an adventure activity and whilst there are no fixed timelines, your entire experience, including breakfast after the flight, should take approximately 3.5 – 4.5 hours.

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Your pilots and crew will be on hand to welcome you when you arrive at the meeting point at the designated time. Feel free to ask any questions about your flight as you sign-in. See how the pilot checks the morning’s local winds conditions and listen while he or she gives you a short flight briefing.

Launch Site

Your adventure begins with a short trip to your launch site. This is determined by your pilot and depends on the wind direction on the morning. We have over a dozen launch sites to choose from in the Mudgee region. This is a good opportunity to get to know your pilot and crew and ask any questions your may have.

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It only takes around 20-25 minutes for the balloon to be inflated and standing upright ready for boarding. You are welcome to help with the setup of the balloon or simply stand back and take photos as your aircraft takes shape and comes to life.

The Flight

As the sun rises over the beautiful Mudgee region you will ascend into the sky in your colourful balloon. Your balloon will float gently along the breeze; in your basket you will feel completely secure with virtually no sensation of movement. During your flight you may find yourself drifting just above the treetops then, moments later, effortlessly ascending to heights of 2000 feet or more. Make sure you have your camera ready to capture views of Mudgee from a perspective like no other.

Landing, Pack-up & Breakfast

Depending on the wind speeds on landing, your balloon may touch down with the basket up-right and the balloon above your heads or, in a light breeze, the balloon basket may drag a short distance, with the basket coming to rest on its side. Both landing types are completely normal and lots of fun. The Balloon Aloft Ground Team will be on hand to greet you as your balloon lands. Join in as we deflate the balloon by squishing the air out or feel free to stand back and take photos of all the fun. The morning's excitement continues over a delicious Gourmet Breakfast and Champagne Clebration. Relax over breakfast with your fellow passengers and your pilot, as you celebrate one of the most exhilarating mornings of your life. Digital Photo Packages will be available for purchase during breakfast.     


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